The Process: The meat is butchered, marinated, smokked, spiced, and packaged.

Development of New Products: When someone requests a new flavor that sounds interesting, we make it and sample it to friends and customers.   If it is a big hit, we package it, label it, and add it to our line of products.

Smoked Meats: We sell Smoked Meats as opposed to "jerky."  By legal definition, "Jerky" is a meat that contains NO moisture.  Our meat products are thick-cut, slow smoked and retain a lot of moisture.   That's why we vacuum seal our packages.  You will never find a little white packet in our meat that is used to absorb oxygen so the meat won't spoil - - like you'll fine in other packages of meat products.  We don't need it!  Have you ever read those likke white packs?  They actually  say "DO NOT EAT!!"

Uses: How does one use smoke meats?  Well, eating is the best way we've found.  Our smoked meats make great snacks and some even use them to substitute for a full meal.  Being very low in carbohydrates and high in protein, they're a great food source for those on low-carb and high-protein diets.   The packages travel well and are used by hikers, climbers, cyclists and sports enthusiasts, as well as the couch potato crowd.  Try adding a little of your favorite chopped into soup or gravy.   It's also excellent for training your pet.

We add a tablespoon of chopped meat to our dog's meals!  He won't eat his food without it.

What kind of Beef Is It? We use a choice cut of the "eye of round." It is sliced in long strips for optimum tenderness.

Is it Really Buffalo? Yes, it is really buffalo raised by USDA approved ranches in South Dakota.  Actually, the technical term is Bison.

How Long Does It Take To Make? If you were to place a special order or want a special flavor, from the time we receive the beef we slice, marinate, smoke, season, weigh, and package it, we're looking at five days.

It This Good For Low-Carb, High Protein Diets?   Absolutely!!  We can't think of any other food that has more protein and less carbohydrates, tastes better or is better for a low-carb diet than our smoked meats!  Our Honey-Maple cured is a bit higher in sugars and we would recommend that you check the nutritional values on our Nutritional Facts Page that is Coming Soon!

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